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Our 3 Labs

Empower innovation with our triple-lab approach. Harness advanced simulations, AI-driven insights, and customized software for transformative results in modeling strategy, implementation and project support.

Our 3 Labs
Supplying an end-to-end solution


Advanced Numerical Simulations

Discover the power of digital twins built on physical laws and mathematical equations, applicable across various industries. SimLab provides virtual testing before prototyping, enabling early identification of weak points and a deeper understanding of the system. With minimal data requirements compared to machine learning models, our numerical simulations offer efficient digital twins to streamline your projects.

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Insights with Data Science & Machine Learning

Leverage AI algorithms to create digital twins from raw data, either through SimLab’s numerical simulations or real-world sensor measurements. AILab’s trained models predict system states in seconds, enabling rapid exploration of diverse conditions and previously unknown states. Enhance system understanding, identify weak points, and enable real-time predictions for seamless integration with other systems.


Customized Scientific Software Solutions

Experience the power of tailored software designed to support your projects, from highly functional web apps to robust, high-performance batch mode frameworks. SciSoftLab connects SimLab and AILab through individualized applications, enabling efficient processing of large datasets and seamless combination of numerical simulations and machine learning. Unlock the full potential of your projects with our scientific software expertise.

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Our Complete End-To-End Solution

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Uniting Multidisciplinary Expertise for High-Impact Solutions

  • Harness the strength of our comprehensive, collaborative approach
  • Experience focused know-how through seamless integration of multiple disciplines
  • Minimize disruption to your internal workflows with our efficient coordination
  • Discover the convenience of our end-to-end, one-stop service

Dynamic 3-Lab Approach

Experience the power of our integrated expertise, blending creativity and open-source tools for versatile solutions.

  • Strategy Consulting & Implementation – Leverage our strategic leadership on your path to a future-ready digital culture and benefit from fully automated, end-to-end simulation frameworks combining numerical simulation and machine learning. Effortlessly integrated into your workflow, this advanced solution empowers users throughout your organization.
  • Project Support – Combine numerical simulations, machine learning, and customized software to swiftly deliver in-depth analysis and problem-solving. Gain deeper understanding of your system better early in the design phase. Identify weak points long before prototyping to ensure consistent high quality products and faster market entry.
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Simulation Tools We Use

We apply open source simulation tools whenever possible, as they offer a cost-effective way to create customized and highly automated frameworks that can handle large numbers of simulations.

However, we can also adapt to commercial simulation software, especially if consistency with your current simulation framework is required.

Benefit from Our Unique 3-Lab Approach

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Versatile Data Sources

Utilize raw data from either numerous simulations or real-world sensor measurements, providing highly responsive Reduced Order Models.

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Customized Software Solutions

We develop tailored software, including highly functional web apps with end-to-end individualized simulation chains, to support parallel company-wide use in multiple projects.

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Seamless Integration:

Three labs unified through customized applications, ensuring joined-up and streamlined results.

Our 3 Labs in action

ml dataset
Applying Machine Learning for accelerated Scale-up of Stirred Reactors

Method: Machine Learning & CFD

Use Case
CFD of an Aerated Bioreactor for optimized Gas Hold-up

Method: Gas-Liquid Modeling using Population Balance

Use Case
Mesomixing Time Mapping to identify the optimal Feed Location

Method: Multiphase Modeling using Volume of Fluid

Use Case
nova labs Particles Dispersion web
Optimal Particle Suspension in Stirred Reactors

Method: Multiphase Modeling using Lagrangian Particles

Use Case
nova labs Powder Dissolution web
Optimal Powder Dissolution in Stirred Reactors

Method: Multiphase Modeling using Volume of Fluid

Use Case
pharma header
How Pharmaceutical Companies and CDMOs reliably scale and transfer Crystallizations using CFD, ensuring timely Drug Supply for their Patients.

Crystallization Scale-up Support by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Case Study

Drive Innovation with expert physical and data modeling

Minimize risk and enhance productivity by harnessing our team’s computational modeling expertise. Reach the market faster with our three specialist labs dedicated to numerical simulations, software development, and machine learning.