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Our Philosophy

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Empowering Your Success

We’re more than just simulation providers – we’re your partners in innovation.

Our team is made up of skilled engineers, problem solvers, and thought leaders. We’re driven to help you solve even the most complex real-world technical problems using modeling technologies, such as numerical simulation and machine learning – all powered by user-friendly custom software.

What do we stand for?

Our logo embodies the essence of tackling complex real-world tasks. At first glance, the Novalabs “N” appears to be formed within a cube. However, upon closer examination, a logical paradox emerges as the edges do not fully define a cube. This highlights the importance of critical thinking and analysis in revealing the true nature of complex challenges.

So we see value in initially approaching a problem intuitively, especially to grasp the bigger picture, for idea generation, and to develop solution strategies based on it. However, we simultaneously rely on the power of rational thinking to verify what has been intuitively apprehended. As Einstein provocatively pointed out…

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The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

- Albert Einstein

This sums up our approach to problem-solving – challenging assumptions and using both intuition and reasoning to achieve exceptional and rewarding solutions. We believe that gaining a fundamental understanding of your system allows us to help you avoid potential failure and drive your success.

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Our Vision

We envisage a future in which advanced simulations are accessible to everyone from their own workplace, without requiring in-depth modeling knowledge. We believe that the future of simulation is simplicity, and we’re committed to working every day to ensure that our customers benefit from this vision.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make numerical simulations and data science technologies easily available and embedded in the value chain. We think that computational modeling should work in harmony with traditional methods such as experimentation and validation. We prioritize high-quality implementation through collaboration, scientific rigor, and interdisciplinary expertise.


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Antonio Liggieri
CEO & Founder

Antonio is the founder of Novalabs. He launched the company in 2021 after 13 years of industrial experience as computational engineer with engagements from the most innovative, digitally driven technology and engineering companies. Antonio holds a mechanical engineering degree from ZHAW in Switzerland and a MSc. by Research from Cranfield University in the UK.

Antonio specialized in Turbomachinery and Fluid Dynamics supplemented by training in Machine Learning. He focuses on project work and consulting in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Machine Learning, as well as the technological and strategic orientation of the company.

“I am passionate about providing easy access to modeling to facilitate innovation and progress for our customers.”

Drive Innovation with expert physical and data modeling

Minimize risk and enhance productivity by harnessing our team’s computational modeling expertise. Reach the market faster with our three specialist labs dedicated to numerical simulations, software development, and machine learning.