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Choose from our industry-approved service packages for well-tested methodologies and ready-to-use frameworks that lead to faster results.
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mixing package
Mixing Package

Ensure a robust scale-up by computationally obtaining hard-to-measure mixing times of your system following the Bourne protocol at lab scale.

  • Crystallizations
  • Mixing critical systems
  • Avoid uncontrolled nucleation
  • Increase reaction efficiency
  • Avoid shortcuts
  • Obtain robust process conditions
Typical project duration: 3 weeks
Service Package
package Reduced Order Model
Graph Neural Network (GNN) Model

Obtain a GNN model of your system and explore unseen system states in quasi-real-time for optimization or predictive maintenance.

  • Industry and system independent
  • Enable 3D resolved fluid dynamics for predictive maintenance
  • Enable optimization with 3D resolved fluid dynamics
  • Accelerate project progress through quick decisions
  • Enable results live discussion with colleagues
  • Continuous update of the GNN with new data
Typical project duration: 8 weeks
Service Package
rector cfd database 2
Reactor CFD Data Base

Combine with package “Reactor Mapping and Digitalization” and complement it with CFD simulations for all your reactors.

  • Full CFD results at different operating conditions
  • Statistics of process relevant scale-up quantities
  • Full distributions of all fluid dynamic quantities
  • More accurate compared to correlations
  • Flexible for interfacing with internal tools
  • De-risking of scale-up and process transfers
Typical project duration: 3-6 Months
Service Package
reactor mapping digitalization
Reactor Mapping and Digitalization

Map all your lab, pilot and commercial reactors and make process relevant equipment information easily accessible.

  • Mapping all reactors
  • 3D Geometrical build-up and 3D scanning of lab impellers
  • Web application for data access with reactor viewer
  • Access data from anywhere at anytime
  • Ensure data integrity for standardised sharing
  • Unlock our Fast Lane Support
Typical project duration: 3-6 Months
Service Package
vial filling 2 scaled
Vial Filling Line Optimization

Apply optimal stirring by gradually adjusting the stirring speed during vial filling, ensuring homogeneity while avoiding foaming.

  • Stirred vessel vial filling
  • First-time-right scale-up
  • Higher yields
  • Consistent API concentration in vials
  • Supports GMP approval
  • Large ROI
Typical project duration: 8 weeks
Service Package
package Crystallization CDMO Transfer and Scale up
Crystallization Scale-up and CDMO Transfer

Select correct reactor configurations and operating conditions to ensure consistent product quality and compliance with specifications.

  • Crystallizations
  • Mixing crtitical systems
  • API solids suspensions
  • First-time-right scale-up
  • No time delays through repetition
  • Large ROI
Typical project duration: 2 weeks
Service Package
package Stirred Reactor Foaming Control
Foaming Control in Stirred Reactors

Select the correct agitation speed to avoid foaming and realise larger batch sizes through higher fill levels.

  • Gas-liquid mass transfer systems
  • API solids suspensions
  • Vial filling
  • Avoid antifoams and product re-registration
  • Conservation of API solids concentration
  • Large ROI
Typical project duration: 4 weeks
Service Package
package Stirred Reactor Minimum Particle Suspension Speed
Particle Suspensions and Dispersions

Select the optimal stirring speed to ensure homogeneity in dispersions and for suspending particles just as required by the process.

  • Filter-feeding bottom discharge tank
  • Crystallizations
  • Processes critical to API concentration
  • Eco-friendly process operation
  • Consistent product quality
  • Large ROI
Typical project duration: 4 weeks