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Project Support

Accelerate Innovation with Expert Modeling Services

Harness Digital Twins for In-Depth Insights and Early QA

Our modeling support team crafts digital twins to mirror your real-world system, enabling you to analyze hard-to-reach information and test various configurations and conditions before prototyping.

Combined with experimental data, our assistance allows for informed decision-making, system refinements, and early issue detection.

Quality Assurance Through Rigorous, Industry-Tested Processes

At Novalabs, we combine the best practices from academia, science, and engineering to ensure the creation of high-quality computational models. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the behavior of real-world systems and their predicted outcomes.

Following industry and research standards, we ensure reliable application in your projects.

We continuously validate our open-source software to ensure accuracy and performance.

Our three-lab approach optimizes multidisciplinary problem-solving and solution generation.

We also consider the periphery of your system, not just an isolated section, to obtain valid simulation results.

We utilize cloud technology for in-depth analysis and fast optimization.

Our reusable frameworks provide quick, high-quality results, to maintain project momentum.

Our services in action

ml dataset
Applying Machine Learning for accelerated Scale-up of Stirred Reactors

Method: Machine Learning & CFD

Use Case
CFD of an Aerated Bioreactor for optimized Gas Hold-up

Method: Gas-Liquid Modeling using Population Balance

Use Case
Mesomixing Time Mapping to identify the optimal Feed Location

Method: Multiphase Modeling using Volume of Fluid

Use Case
nova labs Particles Dispersion web
Optimal Particle Suspension in Stirred Reactors

Method: Multiphase Modeling using Lagrangian Particles

Use Case
nova labs Powder Dissolution web
Optimal Powder Dissolution in Stirred Reactors

Method: Multiphase Modeling using Volume of Fluid

Use Case
pharma header
How Pharmaceutical Companies and CDMOs reliably scale and transfer Crystallizations using CFD, ensuring timely Drug Supply for their Patients.

Crystallization Scale-up Support by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Case Study

Our Project Support Packages

Service Package
mixing package
Mixing Package

Ensure a robust scale-up by computationally obtaining hard-to-measure mixing times of your system following the Bourne protocol at lab scale.

  • Crystallizations
  • Mixing critical systems
  • Avoid uncontrolled nucleation
  • Increase reaction efficiency
  • Avoid shortcuts
  • Obtain robust process conditions
Typical project duration: 3 weeks
Service Package
package Reduced Order Model
Graph Neural Network (GNN) Model

Obtain a GNN model of your system and explore unseen system states in quasi-real-time for optimization or predictive maintenance.

  • Industry and system independent
  • Enable 3D resolved fluid dynamics for predictive maintenance
  • Enable optimization with 3D resolved fluid dynamics
  • Accelerate project progress through quick decisions
  • Enable results live discussion with colleagues
  • Continuous update of the GNN with new data
Typical project duration: 8 weeks
Service Package
vial filling 2 scaled
Vial Filling Line Optimization

Apply optimal stirring by gradually adjusting the stirring speed during vial filling, ensuring homogeneity while avoiding foaming.

  • Stirred vessel vial filling
  • First-time-right scale-up
  • Higher yields
  • Consistent API concentration in vials
  • Supports GMP approval
  • Large ROI
Typical project duration: 8 weeks
Service Package
package Crystallization CDMO Transfer and Scale up
Crystallization Scale-up and CDMO Transfer

Select correct reactor configurations and operating conditions to ensure consistent product quality and compliance with specifications.

  • Crystallizations
  • Mixing crtitical systems
  • API solids suspensions
  • First-time-right scale-up
  • No time delays through repetition
  • Large ROI
Typical project duration: 2 weeks
Service Package
package Stirred Reactor Foaming Control
Foaming Control in Stirred Reactors

Select the correct agitation speed to avoid foaming and realise larger batch sizes through higher fill levels.

  • Gas-liquid mass transfer systems
  • API solids suspensions
  • Vial filling
  • Avoid antifoams and product re-registration
  • Conservation of API solids concentration
  • Large ROI
Typical project duration: 4 weeks
Service Package
package Stirred Reactor Minimum Particle Suspension Speed
Particle Suspensions and Dispersions

Select the optimal stirring speed to ensure homogeneity in dispersions and for suspending particles just as required by the process.

  • Filter-feeding bottom discharge tank
  • Crystallizations
  • Processes critical to API concentration
  • Eco-friendly process operation
  • Consistent product quality
  • Large ROI
Typical project duration: 4 weeks
nova labs simulation tools graphic web

Simulation Tools We Use

We apply open source simulation tools whenever possible, as they offer a cost-effective way to create customized and highly automated frameworks that can handle large numbers of simulations.

However, we can also adapt to commercial simulation software, especially if consistency with your current simulation framework is required.

Flexible Project Support Options

Individual project with detailed demand assessment

Embark on a personalized project with a thorough demand assessment tailored to your unique needs. We’ll help you overcome uncertainties and guide you through the process.

Steps we take:

  • Customer describing business problem and looking for improvement
  • Novalabs translating the problem in computational tasks
  • Process repeated until deliverables are well defined
  • Setting up timelines for successful project execution

Join the Innovators Who Trust Novalabs

picture x pxls

"CliqScale.R delivers a positive experience with a sharp focus on efficiency for stirred reactor CFD simulations. Specifically designed for scale-up studies, it adheres to industry standards, enabling swift setup for common scenarios and complex simulations. The platform streamlines CAD and CFD case setup, offering automated simulations with varying parameters. Its web-based SaaS approach eliminates hardware costs and software delays, making it for businesses an appealing choice with a cost-effective pricing model."

Picture x pxl

"Thanks to CliqScale.R, with minimal support, I simulated different stirred tank reactor configurations for the source and target reactors in a few hours. The option to download OpenFOAM case files allows expert users to tweak and further investigate deeper. CliqScale.R allows a very steep learning curve compared to a typical CFD simulation, and the distraction-free web app will accelerate your scale-up studies."

Picture x pxl

"CliqScale.R's standout feature is its real-time interactivity through the user-friendly lightweight web interface, allowing end-to-end CFD, from reactor build-up to postprocessed results. The download link provides access to native OpenFOAM data, inclusive of plots, offering scale-up-relevant insights. Despite some users not delving into the rich dataset, the tool's extensive output and information are outstanding, making CliqScale.R an exceptional and highly praised tool for rapid reactor screening and scale-up using CFD."

Biosimo Maximilian Moser

"From the very beginning, the onboarding process was smooth and efficient. The demand assessment was thorough and helped us to identify crucial aspects of our system that needed to be simulated. The pivot to more meaningful demands was also highly appreciated, showing how the care for the best outcome was common ground. We highly recommend Novalabs for achieving business goals."

Emily Lupparelli

"Novalabs' CFD services identified crucial system aspects of our trickle bed reactor and provided a game-changing simulation that optimized our reaction efficiency early on. Their modelling and engineering expertise gave us confidence to scale up and maximize yield and quality. Highly recommend for gaining deep system understanding."

Streamline Your Project with Personalized Support and Solutions

At Novalabs, we specialize in creating high-quality computational models and digital twins to close the gap between real and predicted system behaviour. Leverage our expertise for optimal project outcomes.