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Streamline innovation with our building blocks for a future-ready digital culture

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Join forces to transform your business with a modular strategic toolkit

At Novalabs, we work closely with customers to make computational modeling, simulation, and AI strategies fully accessible, usable, and easy to understand. Our approach streamlines R&D and encourages knowledge sharing among stakeholders, helping your business embrace a future-ready digital culture.

Our flexible modular kit works like a blueprint, offering adaptable building blocks that cover the essential steps in this intricate process, allowing for seamless integration. With our guidance, your company can stay ahead in innovation and confidently navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Achieve strategic success with flexible modular building blocks

Our dynamic modeling building blocks enable a collaborative journey – whether you’re exploring potential use cases or you’re ready for us to build a powerful, custom-built modeling solution to make a lasting impact.

Together, we can choose the right building blocks to craft a personalized modeling strategy that will drive innovation.

Strategy & Implementation 2Identifying Potential Use Cases

Unlock your modeling potential with our expert assessment, pinpointing high-impact use cases to drive innovation and align with your strategy.

Discover the perfect software solution tailored to your unique needs, considering factors like functionality, user experience, and scalability to align with your objectives.

Team up with our seasoned experts to deploy tailored modeling tools, ready-to-run simulations and insights that fuel innovation and efficiency in your organization.

Leverage our three labs to integrate modeling tools and simulation processes, accelerating product development, boosting R&D innovation, and enhancing manufacturing efficiency.

Effortlessly blend custom software tools into your existing workflows for user-friendly simulation routines accessible by your team.

Our tailored software and modeling tools ensure smooth adoption, backed by hands-on training sessions, resources, and ongoing support for user independence.

Unleash the Power of Modelling with Novalabs

General Benefits of Modeling Tools
  • Boost Efficiency: Find the best design options, cutting down on costly physical tests
  • Virtual Prototyping: More affordable than traditional tests
  • More Reliability: Detect potential problems before products manufacturing
  • Deeper System Insights: Accurate information leading to smarter decisions
  • Quicker Market Launch: Larger design leaps and faster product launches.
The NovaLabs Difference
  • We develop unique micro apps (CMAs) for fast optimization.
  • Open-source solutions for personalized, one-of-a-kind options for you.
  • Industry-standard research-backed models to ensuring accurate and reliable results.
  • We help you fully understand your system with clear, actionable insights.
  • Our frameworks focus on minimal intervention, maximum output, and the shortest time to results.

Our Services in Action

pharma header
How Pharmaceutical Companies and CDMOs Reliably Scale and Transfer Crystallizations using CFD, Ensuring Timely Drug Supply for their Patients

Crystallization Scale-up Support by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Case Study
How Biosimo Increased Understanding of their Trickle-Bed Reactor and Optimized it for Better Reaction Efficiency.

Trickle-bed Reactor Optimization by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Case Study

Our Implementation Packages

Service Package
rector cfd database 2
Reactor CFD Data Base

Combine with package “Reactor Mapping and Digitalization” and complement it with CFD simulations for all your reactors.

  • Full CFD results at different operating conditions
  • Statistics of process relevant scale-up quantities
  • Full distributions of all fluid dynamic quantities
  • More accurate compared to correlations
  • Flexible for interfacing with internal tools
  • De-risking of scale-up and process transfers
Typical project duration: 3-6 Months
Service Package
reactor mapping digitalization
Reactor Mapping and Digitalization

Map all your lab, pilot and commercial reactors and make process relevant equipment information easily accessible.

  • Mapping all reactors
  • 3D Geometrical build-up and 3D scanning of lab impellers
  • Web application for data access with reactor viewer
  • Access data from anywhere at anytime
  • Ensure data integrity for standardised sharing
  • Unlock our Fast Lane Support
Typical project duration: 3-6 Months

How To Get Started

Collaborative Demand Assessment

Perfect for simulation newcomers, we’ll navigate a thorough demand assessment using our Novalabs Building Blocks, helping you understand your unique situation and embrace the transformative power of simulation.

Steps we take:

  • We identify your current modeling situation and strategic needs.
  • Aligning your needs with our strategic building blocks.
  • We create an action plan.
  • Iterating and adapting until strategic objectives are met.
  • Setting up timelines for successful modeling implementation.

Join the Innovators Who Trust Novalabs

Biosimo Maximilian Moser

"From the very beginning, the onboarding process was smooth and efficient. The demand assessment was thorough and helped us to identify crucial aspects of our system that needed to be simulated. The pivot to more meaningful demands was also highly appreciated, showing how the care for the best outcome was common ground. We highly recommend Novalabs for achieving business goals."

Emily Lupparelli

"Novalabs' CFD services identified crucial system aspects of our trickle bed reactor and provided a game-changing simulation that optimized our reaction efficiency early on. Their modelling and engineering expertise gave us confidence to scale up and maximize yield and quality. Highly recommend for gaining deep system understanding."

Partner with Novalabs for Effective Modeling Strategy and Implementation

Don’t let the complexity of modeling stop you from getting future-ready. We help you to unlock your full potential by helping you to introduce advanced modeling and simulations in the simplest way possible.